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    Did Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes Just Totally Diss Brandi Glanville?

    Me thinks so.

    An instagram account supposedly belonging to Eddie Cibrian, just threw some major shade at Brandi Glanville — his ex-wife whom he left for LeAnn Rimes. This was what was posted:

    The caption of their picture reads:

    "Drinking and instagramming whattttttttt my new book title [box box]."

    Brandi's book is called Drinking and Tweeting — See, BURNED.

    The only thing is now the instagram account is GONE. Gone like my hat that blew away with the wind. This was posted to the account yesterday, before it was deleted:

    LeAnn Rimes has since declared that Eddie doesn't have (and never did have) instagram.

    So Is she lying? Telling the truth? Or did we all just get CIBRIAN/RIMES TROLLED?

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