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    13 Creepy Hometown Stories That Will Scare The Shit Out Of You

    Too. Many. Ghosts.

    I asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell me the creepiest stories about their hometown. Here are 13 tales that honestly are just spooky AF.

    1. Elmore, Ohio, "The Tale of the Headless Motorcycle Man"

    "The tale goes that a man went off to war and when he came home, he found his wife in bed with another man. In a fury, he left the house, hopped on his motorcycle and drove off. A short while down the road, a fallen cable was in the road and as he drove past, it decapitated him. Today, if you go to the bridge where this happened, roll down your window, turn your car off, place your keys on the roof of the car and honk three times, the headless motorcycle man will chase your car and if the single headlight passes through your vehicle, the youngest person in the car will die. I’ve done it before, thinking it was a big myth but sure enough, a single headlight appeared behind us as we sped off down a different road." Submitted by Codyr12

    2. Flint, Michigan, "Devil's Lake"

    "There’s a lake in my hometown of Flint, Michigan, called Devil’s Lake which is said to have no bottom. Instead it’s urban legend that it’s actually an outlet to hell. It’s called Devil’s Lake and it’s located between a park and a funeral home! Nobody who has ever attempted to swim the lake has survived to see the other side. Anybody would be too scared to jump in and save them." Submitted by rizzyb2

    3. Collinsville, Illinois, "The Seven Gates to Hell"

    "Located along the back roads east of Collinsville are a series of tunnels and bridges that are called the 'Seven Gates to Hell.' The most often told story is that if you drive through all the gates, you will swiftly be sent into hell. Different variations say that you need to go through the last gate at midnight to get to hell or if you park under the seventh gate with your lights off, the spirits will send the “hounds of hell” to take your soul. Some local students were out partying and driving on the back roads, and they supposedly took some LSD. They decided to try and find the Seven Gates and found six of them, but not the seventh. They kept driving till they found what they thought was the seventh. They missed the entrance and ran into the concrete supports. The car was incinerated and all the students were all killed. Some people claim to see a ghostly replay of the crash near the bridge." Submitted by tessadianeb

    4. Onondonga, New York, "13 Curves"

    "My town has a place on a road called '13 curves.' Rumor has it that a long time ago a pair of newlyweds were driving on that road on their wedding night when they had a severe accident and both died immediately. These days many people who drive the road have claimed to see the bride in her wedding dress looking for her husband...sometimes along the side of the road, sometimes leaping at cars so that the drivers crash their cars as well. On occasion it has even been reported that she enters in the cars of those driving on the road." Submitted by Ellen Brayer, Facebook

    5. Tucson, "The Slaughterhouse"

    "In my hometown in southern Arizona, each year during Halloween time a popular attraction is 'The Slaughter House,' which is an old closed-down slaughterhouse that gets converted into a series of haunted houses. The story behind it is that many years ago the owner's kid and a friend went missing, and in the investigation when they were testing the meat, they found traces of human bodies. The slaughterhouse closed down, and they never found the killer, until years later when the brother of the owner hung himself in the building, and had a note pinned to his shirt that read 'IT WAS ME.'" Submitted by beccag4657b9279

    6. Port St. Lucie, Florida, "The Devil's Tree"

    "At a local park there is a tree called The Devil's tree where a serial killer hung two teenage girls from an oak tree and then buried his two victims in a shallow grave beneath the oak. About four years later, two men discovered skeletons along with two deteriorating ropes tied with a hangman’s noose. Ever since then, there have been reports of hooded satanic worshippers dancing around the tree, and some say that you can still hear the screams of the girls. There were several attempts to cut down the oak, but it seems that chainsaws refused to work when near the tree. When they tried to cut it down with a two-man crosscut saw, all the teeth fell out of the saw blade. Submitted by Katherine Hyde, Facebook

    7. Napa, California, "The Rebobs"

    "In Napa, there’s a story about the Rebobs. They are described as these bloodthirsty, half monkey, half human creatures that live at the end of Partrick Road in an abandoned cemetery. In the 1970s there were stories about kids breaking into the cemetery and hearing indescribable shrieks and growls. It’s said that the house at the end of Patrick Road is the watchtower that makes sure the Rebobs don’t escape. There’s currently a huge boulder, security cams, and a blinding light that prevents anyone from entering the cemetery." Submitted by eredmayne

    8. Asheville, North Carolina, "The Haunted Church"

    "I live in Asheville, North Carolina, and I go to a haunted church. No one knows who but we suspect at least two people must’ve died there because we can hear them late at night in the hallway. One of them is only footsteps pacing a hallway at a certain time of night but the other is random and really terrifying. She can only be heard in the choir room. You hear a yell, then a woman shrieking and the sound of someone falling down the stairs. Eventually there’s a giant thump and it all goes silent. The first time I heard it I didn’t know the story and thought someone had actually been pushed!" Submitted by elizabethm4c685924b

    9. Smithfield, Rhode Island, "The Witch's Tree"

    "The Witch's Tree was a huge, old tree that was left right in the middle of a very quiet, winding back road through the hilly forest. The story goes that shortly after the town was incorporated in the late 1600s, a lady who was accused of witchcraft was dragged from her home on one of the roads and lynched on this tree. They say that if you drove around the tree three times counterclockwise with your high beams on in the dead of the night, you'd get killed on that same car ride. Somebody did it and apparently died, and then others reported being chased down these back roads by what seemed by the headlights to be an old-ish SUV or pickup (the person who died was driving a car that fits the description). Somebody crashed into the tree and killed it a few years back and it's since been replaced with a sapling. Legend remains about the new Witch's Tree though." Submitted by Matt Wright

    10. Beeton, Ontario, "The Haunted Farmhouse"

    "My dad would tell me stories about a farmhouse that he use to live in that was haunted. One night he was staying alone in the house and downstairs a radio would turn on playing a WW2 broadcast. My dad would then hear footsteps coming up the stairs, stop at his door, pause, and then continue up the stairs to the attic and then would start playing a piano. But in the house there was no radio downstairs or piano in the attic. After hearing this story I asked my uncle about the house and he told me that one night he woke up to a ghost sitting on the end of his bed crying." Submitted by brandonw481e27b90

    11. Justice, Illinois, "Resurrection Mary"

    "We’re known for Resurrection Cemetery — more importantly, Resurrection Mary. She’s the ghost of a teen girl who was killed on her way to prom in a car accident. Along Archer Avenue, she’s supposed to hitchhike for a ride to prom around 3 a.m. There’s tales of her appearing on the side of the road, then disappearing when people look back. Some tales even include people giving Mary a ride, but then as they arrive at their destination, she disappears. Some say she makes you crash your car because she’s upset. Submitted by sarab4d90c30be

    12. Ironton, Minnesota, "The Wendigo"

    "I live in Ironton, a small town in a rural area of Minnesota, and there is supposedly at least one Wendigo living in the woods just outside of town. A Wendigo is a creature from Native American mythology that lives in the northern forests of the Great Lakes region, eats human flesh, and lures in its prey by imitating people's voices. When I was 15 I was walking my dog on a trail in the woods near my house and heard my mom's voice call out, "Cypress!" (Cypress is my dog's name.) That normally wouldn't be unusual, but my mom wasn't home at the time — I was the only one there. Because of the circumstances (Minnesota woods? Check. Familiar voice coming from out of nowhere? Check.), I am now more inclined to believe that there might actually be a Wendigo in Ironton." Submitted by Lauren Crabtree, Facebook

    13. Temecula, California, "The Black Dragon"

    "I live in the outskirts of Temecula, by the wineries and such. From what I’ve heard, Native Americans who were killed in the battle of San Pasqual were buried out here. Recently my son came screaming down the stairs because he saw a black dragon with red eyes staring at him. Then my sister told me that something similar happened to her mother-in-law. Well her mother-in-law told her realtor about it since she’s selling her house, and the realtor told her that a lot of her clients in Temecula have had the same experience. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the bodies being buried up here, but shit’s creepy." Submitted by katyatatianaa

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