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    Chris Hemsworth Posted A Picture Of His Dad When He Was Younger, And It Turns Out They Might Just Be Clones Of Each Other

    Like father, like son.

    It was Father's Day in Australia so the Hemsworth brother's paid tribute to their dad by posting pics of him.

    Yes, this man is Craig Hemsworth. The OG Hemsworth Hottie.

    His participation was vital in the creation of the three Hemsworths: Luke, Chris and Liam.

    And while Mr. Hemsworth has proven that he ages like fine wine and the family genes are strong...

    Chris with his arm over his father's shoulder's actually this old pic that Chris posted of him when his dad was younger that has my jaw on the floor.

    Because it's as if Chris was copy + pasted and made into a human based on this picture.

    THEY ARE LITERALLY IDENTICAL. And yes, I understand that genetics will do this, but still, the resemblence is WILD.

    And guess what, The Rock agrees with me, so that's all that matters.

    The Rock said 'Wow that apple did not fall far from that tree. Happy Father's Day to both you studs' [flexing arm emoji]