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    37 Celebs When They Were Little And Famous In The Early 2000s Vs. Grown And Famous Now

    Puberty is nuts.

    1. Skyler Gisondo, known from The Bill Engvall Show, then:

    young skyler with shoulder-length hair

    Skyler Gisondo now, from The Resort, at 26:

    present-day Skyler at an event

    2. Michael Angarano, known from Sky High, then:

    closeup of young Michael smiling

    Michael Angarano now, from Minx, at 34:

    closeup of Michael with a beard at an event

    3. Nicholas Braun, also known from Sky High, then:

    closeup of Nicholas with a sideways baseball cap

    Nicholas Braun now, who stars on Succession, at 34:

    closeup of Nicholas now with subtle facial hair

    4. Ty Simpkins, known from Iron Man 3, then:

    young Ty smiling in a suit

    Ty Simpkins now, who is in The Whale, at 21.

    closeup of present-day Ty with hair longer hair brushed back

    5. Rowan Blanchard, known for Girl Meets World, then:

    Young Rowan on the red carpet with hand on her hip

    Rowan Blanchard now, who starred in Crush, at 20:

    closeup of present-day Rowan smiling

    6. Suraj Sharma, known from The Life Of Pi, then:

    younger Suraj smiling in a suit

    Suraj Sharma now, who stars on How I Met Your Father, at 29:

    Suraj smiling in a suit wearing shades at an event

    7. Jacob Tremblay, known for Room then:

    very young Jacob smiling with his arms crossed wearing a suit

    Jacob Tremblay now, who voices Robin on Harley Quinn, at 16:

    closeup of Jacob wearing a letterman style jacket with gelled back hair

    8. Yara Shahidi, known from The First Family then:

    closeup of young Yara smiling

    Yara Shahidi now, from Grown-ish, at 22:

    Yara in long strapless dress at an event

    9. Quvenzhané Wallis, known from Beasts Of The Southern Wild, then:

    young Quvenzhané with a stuffed dog purse at an event

    Quvenzhané Wallis now, from Black-ish, at 19:

    Quvenzhané in a sparkly two-piece suit with a basketball purse

    10. Greyson Chance, known for appearing on Ellen, then:

    young Greyson smiling

    Greyson Chance now, who is a musician, at 25:

    Greyson at an event wearing shades

    11. Frankie Jonas, known as "The bonus Jonas" then:

    young Frankie with a fedora

    Frankie Jonas now, who co-hosts Claim To Fame, at 22:

    Frankie wearing small circular glasses puts up two thumbs at an event

    12. Nicola Peltz, known from Bates Motel, then:

    young Nicola smiling with braces

    Nicola Peltz now, with husband Brooklyn Beckham, at 27:

    Nicola and Brooklyn wearing matching suits

    13. Madison Pettis, known from Cory In The House, then:

    young Madison smiling at an event

    Madison Pettis, from He's All That, now, at 24:

    closeup of Madison in a cut out dress

    14. Amandla Stenberg, known from The Hunger Games, then:

    young Amandla at an event smiling

    Amandla Stenberg now, who stars in Bodies Bodies Bodies, at 23:

    Amandla wearing her hair up and a Chanel outfit for the movie premiere

    15. Rico Rodriguez, known from Modern Family, then:

    Rico wearing eyeglasses and a suit pointing finger guns at the camera

    Rico Rodriguez now, still known for Modern Family, at 24:

    Rico in a floral suit, eyeglasses, and long curly hair smiling at an event

    16. Will Poulter, known from We're the Millers, then:

    closeup of Will with a buzz cut

    Will Poulter now, who stars in Dopesick, at 29:

    closeup of Will in a suit with longer hair brushed to the side

    17. Asa Butterfield, known from The Boy In The Striped Pajamas then:

    closeup of Asa in a suit vest

    Asa Butterfield now, who stars in Sex Education, at 25:

    closeup of Asa in a colorful jacket at an event

    18. Kyle Gallner, known from Veronica Mars then:

    closeup of Kyle with long messy hair wearing jeans and a button-up shirt

    Kyle Gallner now, who stars in Smile, at 35:

    closeup of Kyle wearing a jean jacket with a short beard and mustache

    19. Kiersey Clemons, known for Austin & Ally then:

    Kiersey in a fur hat smiling

    Kiersey Clemons now, who stars on Fairfax, at 28:

    closeup of Kiersey with long locs

    20. Tyler Alvarez, known for Every Witch Way, then:

    closeup of Tyler in a football jersey

    Tyler Alvarez now, who stars in Blockbuster, at 24.

    Tyler at an event with messy hair and a leather jacket

    21. Nat and Alex Wolff, known from The Naked Brothers Band, then:

    Nat and Alex smiling at an event

    Nat and Alex Wolff now, who are still acting, at 27 and 24:

    Nat and Alex with their dates at an event

    22. Luke Benward, known from Cloud 9 then:

    closeup of Luke with long hair

    Luke Benward now, who was in Dumplin', at 27:

    closeup of Luke in a suit

    23. Austin Abrams, known from The Inbetweeners, then:

    young Austin in a suit

    Austin Abrams now, who stars on Euphoria, at 26:

    Austin with longer hair and facial hair

    24. Skai Jackson, known from Jessie, then:

    young Skai with her hands on her hips

    Skai Jackson now, who voices Summer on Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky, at 20:

    closeup of Skai in a sequence dress

    25. Carter Jenkins, known from Valentine's Day, then:

    closeup of Carter with long shaggy hair

    Carter Jenkins now, who's in Women of the Movement, at 31.

    Closeup of Carter with facial hair

    26. Joel Courtney, known from The Messengers, then:

    young Joel in a suit vest and long hair

    Joel Courtney now, from The Kissing Booth, at 26:

    Joel in a casual suit and facial hair

    27. Tye Sheridan, known from Last Man Standing then:

    young Tye with hair spiked in the front

    Tye Sheridan now, from X-Men at 25:

    Tye at an event with messy hair and facial hair

    28. Colin Ford, known from Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates then:

    closeup of Colin smiling

    Colin Ford now, from Daybreak, at 26:

    closeup of Colin with subtle facial hair

    29. Karan Brar, known from Jessie, then:

    Young Karan on the red carpet in a suit

    Karan Brar now, from Mira, Royal Detective, at 23:

    cloeup of Karan smiling at an event

    30. Bailee Madison, known from Just Go With It, then:

    young Bailee smiling in a nice dress

    Bailee Madison now, who stars in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, at 22:

    Bailee at an event

    31. Zendaya, known from Shake It Up, then:

    young Zendaya smiling at an event

    Zendaya now, who stars in Euphoria, at 26:

    Zendaya posing for the camera in a sleek, shiny suit

    32. Joey King, known from Bent, then:

    Joey smiling with short hair at an event

    Joey King now, from Bullet Train, at 23:

    closeup of Joey with sleek short hair

    33. Nolan Gould, known from Modern Family, then:

    Nolan sitting in a blazer and smiling

    Nolan Gould now, from What's Up North, at 23:

    Nolan in a suit with long curly hair and a short beard

    34. Isabelle Fuhrman, known for The Orphan, then:

    closeup of Isabelle smiling

    Isabelle Fuhrman now, from Orphan: First Kill, at 25:

    Isabelle in a long dress with her hand on her hip

    35. Chloë Grace Moretz, known from The Amityville Horror, then:

    closeup of Chloe smiling

    Chloë Grace Moretz now, who stars in The Peripheral, at 25:

    chloe at an event

    36. Noah Gray-Cabey, known from My Wife and Kids, then:

    closeup of Noah smiling

    Noah Gray-Cabey now, who stars on All American, at 26:

    present-day Noah with facial hair at an event

    37. And finally, Tom Holland, known for The Impossible then:

    young Tom smiling

    Tom Holland now, aka Spider-Man, at 26:

    Tom with longer hair at an event