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    16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Joe Jonas slept with his underwear, Beyonce showed off her braids, and more!

    1. Taylor Swift was a rebel.

    2. Miley Cyrus met this man.

    3. Beyonce was glam in her braids.

    4. Joe Jonas slept with his underwear.

    5. Lena Dunham and her hat took a mirror picture.

    6. Hilary Duff showed off her new bob.

    7. Justin Bieber took a moodie selfie.

    8. Drake relaxed.

    9. Lauren Conrad enjoyed her coffee.

    10. Nicole Richie made a little friend.

    11. Zac Efron showed off his former self.

    12. Ryan Seacrest showed off his puppy.

    13. Andy Cohen had some lunch with friends.

    14. Demi Lovato was surprised.

    15. Colton Haynes enjoyed paradise.

    16. And Katy Perry and Adele got together.