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    Posted on Jan 12, 2018

    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Here's what happened this week.

    1. Lady Gaga went to the beach.

    2. Chance The Rapper enjoyed Hong Kong.

    3. Jennifer Lopez dropped by Will & Grace.

    4. Drake partied.

    5. Nick Jonas hung out with Mariah Carey.

    6. Britney Spears took in some sun.

    7. Selena Gomez visited the house she grew up in.

    8. Justin Bieber showed off his tats.

    9. Emily Ratajkowski met Tommy Wiseau.

    10. Demi Lovato flew private.

    11. So did John Mayer.

    12. Anne Hathaway supported #Timesup from home.

    13. Gigi Hadid was pretty in pink.

    14. Chrissy Teigen took Luna for a ride.

    15. Jesse Williams looked gucci.

    16. Joe Jonas and Charlie Puth had a staring contest.

    17. And Gal Gadot grinned about her win.

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