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I Guess The Airport Situation In "Love Actually" Worked Out

Together again!

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I assume if you're reading this post you're a fan or a curious hater. Either way, you're probably familiar with the storyline about the little boy and the little girl, Sam and Joanna. Ah, young love.


Either way, the airport scene ends with a kiss on the cheek! Even though we saw this in the movie, the girl got on the plane. So the fate of our little lovebirds was still in question.

Well, now that Love Actually is coming back for a 10-minute sequel, it looks like the airport situation turned out well.


Just drinking coffee, reminiscing about their first kiss, and laughing about how they are in the .00000000000003% of the population that found their soulmate at 11 years old.

In conclusion: Always chase after the person you love in an airport, but only if you are living in a movie.


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