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    17 Birds That Look Like They Are Completely Made Up But Are Actually 100% Real

    Suddenly I love birds.

    I grew up in New York so basically only know about pigeons and seagulls. The following birds are cooler and weirder!!!

    1. Shoebill

    Philippe Clément / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    This is not a muppet or a character from Sesame Street! This is a real bird!

    2. Potoo

    Alan B. Harper / Via Flickr: 34318245@N08, Flickr: 54125007@N08 / Via

    This bird is completely real and has seen some shit!!

    3. Inca Tern

    Kitty Terwolbeck, Picasa / Via

    The Inca tern has a WHITE MUSTACHE. A friggin' mustache!!! And it's not fake. This is real.

    4. Sri Lanka Frogmouth

    Koshy / Via, Flickr: gkrishna / Via

    Absolutely LOVE this very real bird, even though it shouldn't be real because look at it.

    5. Philippine Eagle

    Roslan Rahman / Getty Images, Jay Directo / Getty Images


    6. Harpy Eagle / Via, / Via

    Not only is the harpy eagle massive (a female can weight around 20–25 pounds), but look at that hair!! We live on a planet with this thing!! It's real!!!

    7. Tufted Puffin

    Eva Hambach / Getty Images, Nathan Hamm / Via

    Slicked-back hair, orange nose, sexy in its own way. It's the very real tufted puffin.

    8. Rainbow-Bearded Thornbill, Vw Pics / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    Literally a gay pride bird. I love to see it!!!! Gay birds are REAL.

    9. Frigate Bird

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images, Gilles Martin / Getty Images

    The male frigate birds do this thing with their chest come mating season. It's the most. And it's real!!

    10. Gang-Gang Cockatoo

    Paul Balfe / Via, David Cook Wildlife Photography / Via

    That hair!!!! It's 1,000% natural because this is an actual, real bird that lives among us.

    11. King Vulture

    Ullstein Bild / Getty Images, Rodrigo Arangua / Getty Images

    There is a lot happening here, and I don't know where to start. The colors. The peach fuzz on its head. The orange thingy! This bird is doing it all!

    12. Kakapo

    Jake Osborne / Via, Kimberley_collins / Via

    Loving the look of this bird, even though I can't make sense of it. But it is indeed a real bird.

    13. The Wattled Curassow

    Laura Wolf / Via, Via Tsuji / Via

    THOSE CURLS!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS BABE!!!! The wattled curassow is real and has better hair than you!!

    14. Golden Pheasant

    Ritesh Man Tamrakar / Via, Kiyo / Via

    A natural blonde with stripes to match. What a beaut that you can literally see out in the wild because it truly exists!!!

    15. Bearded Tit

    Nick Goodrum / Via, Jo Garbutt / Via

    This very round bird has my heart all aflutter. Even though it looks like a cotton ball with paint on it and the name is just as seemingly fake, it is real.

    16. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

    Alberto_VO5 / Via, Sandipan Das / Via

    HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH A THING?!?!?!??! I didn't until today. But let me tell you, this is real and magical!

    17. Dalmatian Pelican

    Sue Cro / Via, Jouan / Getty Images

    Hell yes, this bird is a real bird, and it's why I wake up each morning.

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