Billy Eichner Told Random People That Seth Rogen Had Died While Seth Rogen Watched From A Foot Away

    This is good.

    In this clip from Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner ran up to random people on the street and told them that Seth Rogen had died...

    ...while the actually alive Seth Rogen stood about 2 feet away, behind a camera, listening to real-time reactions of people finding out he's dead.

    Some people had no idea who Seth was.

    Like, more than one person didn't know who he was.

    But then there was this lady.

    Who knew who Seth was.

    And did not like him.

    And then upon realizing she was face-to-face with Seth after talking all that shit...

    ...she honestly didn't care.

    At least this girl did though!

    Just watch the whole clip. I promise it's worth it.

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