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Beyoncé Is So Powerful, She Doesn't Even Need Straps To Keep Her Mask On Her Face

The sorcery!!!

Beyoncé and her husband showed up at the Grammys last night unexpectedly. And with them came great power.

Because Bey summoned her incredible strength and might from within to somehow keep her mask on...WITHOUT THE STRAP AROUND HER EAR!!!

The magic and mystery of Beyoncé.

Closeup of her mask without the straps around her ears

Defying all laws of gravity and normal human things, like just having a sweaty face and the mask falling off.

This mask is so devoted to the supreme face it is on. It knows it belongs to Beyoncé and wouldn't dare slip off.

This power is so intense, I'm honestly a little scared to even acknowledge it.

But I have and now we all must bow down!!!! BYE!!!!!