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    41 Pics Of The "House Of The Dragon" Cast In Real Life That Will Make You Love Them So Much, Even Though You Really Hate Them On TV

    I love them all.

    1. A lovely mother and father moment with their children and also children-in-law:

    2. Three generations on a couch:

    3. Daemon, Rhaenyra, Luke, and Alicent not fighting:

    4. Otto being one cool dude:

    5. Rhaenyra and Criston giggling:

    6. Qarl and Laenor being happy:

    7. Daemon and his happy family, with no death in sight:

    8. The Harwins having a nice time over some beers:

    9. A regular ol' boys night out with Erryck, Aemond, Criston, Aegon, and Arryck.

    10. Viserys showing off his really good skin:

    11. And his rocker skills:

    12. All the people, drama free:

    13. A nephew and his favorite uncle:

    14. A chill council member moment:

    15. Rhaenyra and Alicent IRL showing love:

    16. And the two of them on the Firon Frone:

    17. Viserys with some Tupperware on the Iron Throne:

    18. Three knights, one pic:

    19. A selfie from the bathroom at the Red Keep:

    20. Laughing about usurping, probably:

    21. Some casual dancing:

    22. The kids getting along:

    23. And another one, because they love each other so much:

    24. A negroni, spagliato...with prosecco in it:

    25. Helaena probably murmering into her snack:

    26. Friends to enemies in their robes:

    27. Two totally good guys:

    28. Vaemond loving on his grand-niece:

    29. The Velaryon boys and girls:

    30. Criston catching some z's:

    31. And the long-haired Lannister twin doing the same:

    32. Luke and Jace with their modern devices:

    33. The Cargyll twins having some downtime:

    34. A meta Matt Smith:

    35. Casual dragon riding:

    36. A dad and son selfie:

    37. Lord Corlys getting ready for battle:

    38. A candid moment between brothers:

    39. Viserys on film:

    40. Alicent and Rheanyra welcoming you to King's Landing:

    41. And finally, some silly and goofy fun among enemies:

    In conclusion: this cast for president! Bye.