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Ashton Kutcher Visits Victims Of Sex Trafficking While Filming In India

Ashton is filming Jobs in India, and took some time out to go to the Delhi NGO.

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Ruchira Gupta, the founder of the NGO, spoke to the Times Of India :

"Ashton spoke to them, danced and sang with them, and even visited their homes. They all sat in a group with him and spoke about their experiences and even held a talk about what makes a leader. The girls told him about their fears, like the time when they all formed a bhangra troupe and had to perform in front of strangers. He made them laugh, saying how he too was scared each time he went up on stage. But the important thing was to conquer that fear and move ahead. One thing I noticed about Ashton was how people listen to him and pay attention to him. He's such a hunk and talks so well... people automatically listen to him,"

Here he is in some stills from filming in India:

Ashton in Vrindavan, India.

Ashton in Vrindavan, India.


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