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    Ashley Olsen Is The Most Iconic Hiker There Ever Was

    Expert hiker alert.

    It happened. FINALLY. Just when I thought we would not get a picture of Ashley Olsen taking a hike while holding a drink and a machete in this lifetime, we did.

    Thank you lordt!!! And by lordt I mean Ashley's boyfriend, Louis Eisner, who posted the pic to his Instagram story.

    As you see, we've got Ashley, in the woods.

    With a drink.

    And a machete.

    BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. She's also wearing Yeezys.

    A backward hat.

    And an outfit that at first I thought was several sheets tied together, but is actually just a bunch of white pieces of clothing draped in different ways.

    So there it is, folks. The most iconic picture of the century!