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19 Pictures That Will Give Anyone Who Had A Blackberry Intense Flashbacks


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1. Exchanging BBM pins with everyone you know that had a Blackberry.

2. Making sure your crush knows your pin so they'd add you:

3. BBM tragedy striking:

4. Competing with your friends for most contacts.

5. Basically literally living, breathing, and dying for BBM.


7. And Word Mole.

8. Jelly cases.

9. Pinging someone when they didn't respond after 3 minutes:

10. Being able to borrow someone's battery if yours died. But just for like a minuteee to tell someone your phone died.

11. This emoji:

12. The original red exclamation point:

13. Feeling special AF on your birthday:

14. Using Ubersocial.

15. Waiting for the red light to blink. Also having phantom vibrations go off and checking your phone but NOTHING IS THERE.

16. The feeling of that little spinny ball under your thumb:


17. Changing your settings so you had a ~cool~ font:

18. Seeing Rev Run in a bath with his blackberry, and knowing you were on the right side of history.

19. And finally, feeling like it was the end of an era when you put your Blackberry to rest and got an iPhone.

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