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    26 Things That All Movies Do Even Though It's The WOORRSTTT Every Time

    Please, stop looking at the passenger the entire time you're driving.

    Movies are filled with clichés, some more bearable than others. But Reddit user u/VeggieBurger953 asked the people what things happen in movies that you absolutely HATE. These are some responses that I 10,000% agree with.

    1. "The choreographed fights where the villains always attack one at a time."


    2. "They move 5 feet away from the group and talk 'privately.' As if no one could hear them talking in normal volume just because they turned their backs to the group."


    3. "When a character doesn't immediately explain what happened to stop the conflict. 'Just let me explain; I swear that's not what happened. If you just let me finish, I'll tell you! Please, just listen to'— SHUT UP! JUST SAY IT! 'I didn't kill your [insert familial person here]. I tried to save them, but I was too late.'"


    4. "Binocular shots. Always shown with two eye positions, but when you look through one, it's never like that."


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    5. "Have long-ass conversations while driving a car, and the driver takes their eyes off the road for pretty much the entire time."


    6. "Sometimes you see a montage of two characters at different locations, but their conversation is continuous. So like, they stop talking, drive to a new location, and continue talking?"


    7. "The fact that horror movies are super dark. And I don't mean dark plot-wise — I mean dark in the sense that I can't see what the fuck is going on. I get that horror is creepier at night, but how can I be scared when I can't see what's happening on the screen?"


    8. "When someone in the movie is using a computer, it makes all of these cheesy 'beep/boop/blip' noises."


    9. "When they end the phone call without saying goodbye. They just hang up, and the person on the other end completely understands that the conversation is over."


    10. "'What happened?' 'I don't know; let's check on the news...' TURNS ON perfect timing, 'If you are just joining us, here is the plot wrap up of the thing that the heroes need to know.' Cuts TV off immediatly after important newscaster dialogue."


    11. "When a 10-second countdown actually lasts 30+ seconds. Like when a bomb is going to explode in 10 seconds, but we spend the next 30 seconds watching the characters run a whole football field away before it explodes."


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    12. "When nobody turns a light on. If I'm woken up by a weird noise in the middle of the night (especially if I think my house is haunted), I'm turning on every damn light I walk past. Drives me up a wall when people wander around in the dark in movies."


    13. "When someone is giving a speech/announcement to a ton of people outside with no mic. No way everyone can hear you."


    14. "One thing that annoys me on TV and in movies is when they bring the whole turkey to the table to carve. I have never actually seen this occur in real life. It is a messy and time-consuming process that you do ahead of time in the kitchen."


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    15. "When they depict a family of five casually having a huge breakfast of pancakes, toast, cereal, eggs, bacon, and large pitchers of orange juice on a regular weekday before everyone leaves for work/school. Most of us are already at work or school by 7 or 8...did the parents wake up at 3 a.m. to prepare this feast? Who cleans it up? Why is there full sunshine outside? Why is no one in a rush?"


    16. "The bell rings, and the teacher starts shouting the assignment while the students leave."


    17. "When a character brushes their teeth, and there’s absolutely no toothpaste foaming at the mouth."


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    18. "When a pretentious character quotes an obscure literary passage from memory, and another character instantly recognizes it and what it’s from. Example: Captain Douchecanoe: 'Only the witch’s tit can soothe the devil’s toothache.' Officer Smartypants: 'Yes, but Henry the Twelfth was drunk when he said that in Act 2, Scene 6.' Captain Douchecanoe: 'Ah, I see you, too, read Shakespeare. I’m impressed.'"


    19. "Siblings talking to each other like, 'Hello lil' sis! Come on — gimme a hug!' 'Hi big bro! Good morning to you!' I mean, that's definitely not how siblings greet each other."


    20. "After sex they lay on the bed and she says, 'That was amazing,' while panting."


    21. "I can’t stand it when supposed scientists say to each other: 'I have a theory.' No, you don’t. You have a hypothesis. And if you were a scientist in real life you would NEVER say, 'I have a theory.' As a scientist, it makes me furious. Conversely, I LOVE it when a show gets it right. 'My hypothesis is ______.' Yes!"


    22. "Knives and swords making a ‘shink’ sound when revealed, despite not touching any other metal."


    23. "Yellow filter when they enter Mexico."


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    24. "When the FBI shows up to 'take over' the case, and then the cops butt heads with them. This does not happen. Cops are more than happy to let someone else do their work for them."


    25. "When you see texts between main characters, and there's no conversation history. Every conversation is a fresh, new conversation! Guess these people just always delete their history?"


    And finally...

    26. "Lighting gasoline/petrol with cigarettes. Scientifically impossible, as cigarettes don't burn hot enough and once soaked in petrol will just go out."


    Here's an educational video with a guy named Uncle Tony about that:

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    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.