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    Anne Hathaway's Birthday Instagram Caption Is So Random And Amazing

    Reason #79 to love AH.

    This is what Anne Hathaway uploaded on Instagram on her 33rd birthday (TODAY!!!!):

    I love it and you should to. Why? Let me tell you.

    Well first of all, she thanks US, which is nice and thoughtful.

    But then she gives a little playful jab to the jerks out there, and I liked that.

    Third, she wishes Beth a happy birthday. WHO THE HECK IS BETH?!?! WHO CARES!!!! Happy birthday Beth!

    And finally, because for no reason at all she hash-tagged Taylor Swift.

    Because #WHYNOT? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?

    In conclusion: Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway. #TaylorSwift #JenniferGarner #GaryBusey

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