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    Amanda Seyfried's Dog Is America's Hidden Treasure

    His name is Finn and he is the No. 1 coolest dog in Hollywood.

    1. This is Finn.

    2. He is Amanda Seyfried's dog and he is simply amazing.

    3. First of all, he's really great at taking selfies.

    4. Like, he just gets it.

    5. Good.

    6. Also, he's incredibly talented. He has the rare natural ability to balance things on his head. Like this LIVE duckling:

    7. This small plant:

    8. This egg:

    9. These Cheerios:

    10. And this burger.

    11. The burger balancing was so spectacular that he went on NATIONAL TELEVISION to show off his skills.

    12. And he did not dissapoint.

    13. Also, he's very fashionable as you can see by the trendy headband he's wearing here:

    14. His luscious and IN STYLE curls:

    15. His alternate shorter 'do:

    16. His trendy green bandana:

    17. His casual bow tie look:

    18. And his more formal tuxedo look:

    19. Also we can't forget about how cool he looks in sunglasses. SO cool that he was in a magazine with them on.

    20. Additionally, he is an intellectual.

    21. And knows using social media is a great way to expand his #brand.

    22. Voice his support of equality...

    23. And commiserate about lost opportunities.

    24. In conclusion Finn is the best celebrity dog and deserves lots of bones.