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According To My Calculations, This Is How Much Leonardo Dicaprio Has Spent On Citibikes

I am an investigate reporter.

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But, I wonder....Does Leo have a Citibike membership?? Or does he just pay each time. In this post I will do some math to try and figure out what Leonardo should do about his Citibike payment. Also this isn't #spon or anything. I truly just have nothing better to do than speculate about Leonardo DiCaprio's Citibike investments.

First of all, these are Citibike options. It's $12 for a 24 hour period, or $163 for an unlimited year!!! I'm not even going into the middle plan cause that's for tourists and your Aunt Suz.

The following are pictures that show Leo riding around on a Citibike. And this is not even a full collection! These are just the ones that I persuaded BuzzFeed to buy for me.

So, according to my research, Leonardo DiCaprio has spent at least $168 on Citibike rentals. And like I said, this isn't a definitive collection of pictures that some weird paparazzi took of Leo having a chyll time on his bike!!! SO IT COULD BE MUCH, MUCH MORE, I'll put the range of his payments at $168 to $500.

Anyway, as a failing personal finance advisor for myself, it would be my recommendation that Leo gets the membership if he doesn't have it already, even if he can't use it for months out of the year due to yachting. I mean, he can afford it anyway, and then hopefully that would encourage him to Citibike more frequently.

Speaking of Leonardo DiCaprio Citibiking, two of my colleagues once saw him in action in this very city!! Here's what they had to say when I asked them about it:

"I don't have time to talk to you about this right now, not everything revolves around you" - Matt Stopera, good friend

"I was walking on the sidewalk out of Central park and this dude was literally coming at me, riding his bike on the sidewalk. It was Leonardo DiCaprio" - Kristin Harris, best friend/ desk neighbor

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