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27 Absolutely Wonderful Moments Of Zac Efron On "Running Wild With Bear Grylls"

Basically the whole episode because Zac was perfect in it.

1. When we first saw him, and he was thrilled about seeing a beaver.

2. And then when he was nearly blown away by Bear's helicopter landing.

3. When he hurried to get on his jacket and looked insanely adorable with his little hood on.

4. When his hair was getting all windswept in the helicopter and he looked wonderful.

5. And then this happened.

6. When he actually JUMPED OUT of the helicopter and then realized he had made a huge mistake.

7. And then he landed perfectly and was really happy with himself.

8. When he high fived Bear for the first time out of about 100 times they would do this.

(all of the high fives were great)

9. And made this face while thinking about how the hell he got himself in this situation.

10. When he was really proud of himself for getting the rabbit...

...until he realized it wasn't a rabbit and freaked out.

11. When these arms were the star of the show.

12. Continuously.

13. Like, the beautiful, main attraction.

14. Or at least the very important supporting roles.

15. When he realized the not-rabbit was disgusting and he didn't like the smell on his fingers.

16. When Bear fed Zac a worm. And his beautiful square jaw chomped on it like this.

17. And then later when they ate more worms mixed with eggs and Zac made these faces.

And did this tongue thing and chewing thing.

18. When Zac opened up about his stay in rehab and made you fall more in love with him.

19. Because he was honest and vulnerable.

And if it was possible you just wanted to jump into the TV and hug him.

20. When he woke up in the middle of the night and Bear farted.

21. And he was really amused by his fart even though they are like one inch from each other and the fart probably landed on his face.

22. And then he forgave the fart and gave him a kiss goodnight.

23. When he woke up the next morning and the luckiest fern in the world got stuck on his lip.

24. When he took off his shirt to rappel down a waterfall.

25. And then made it down and was SO HAPPY.


27. And finally when he reminded us about YOLO, but like in a ~thoughtful~ way.

And remember this moment we will.