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A Guide To The Guys Of "Nashville"

The show that stars Hayden Panettiere in the role she was born to play also stars several hot guys with beards and goatees. Here's a guide to them all.

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Deacon Claybourne played by Charles Esten

About: He's the hot guy with the beard. He used to date Rayna James (the former country music superstar who is making a career comeback) but they broke up and now he's moody but like amaaaazzzzingggg at guitar and wants to get Rayna back. ALSO: he is the same Chip from "Whose Line Is It Anyway."

How you'll know it's him: He will be the hottest male character on the show. Also probably talking to or about Rayna.

Liam McGuinnis played by Michiel Huisman

About: He's the other hot guy with the beard, plus long hair. He's kind of a jerk and is all up on his high horse doing rock/country music in his loft studio. We haven't actually heard anything he's produced so who even knows if he's THAT great.

How you'll know it's him: He'll be going on about NEW, EDGY country music. And you might think, Hey that looks like that guy from The All-American Rejects but with a beard.


Teddy Conrad played by Eric Close

About: The hot guy but with no beard. He's Rayna's husband and kind of a sleeze since he may or may not be cheating on Rayna. Also, he's a politician and does dirty things with money, like stealing and stuff.

How you'll know it's him: He'll be wearing a suit and looking bitter.

Gunnar Scott played by Sam Palladio

About: HE'S BRITISH IN REAL LIFE. Also, he's the young hot one without a beard. He's "in like" with the girl on the show who just broke up with Avery (you'll see him below), and they sing together and it sounds like *MaGic*. He's going to make it in music someday, I just know it.

How you'll know it's him: He'll be wearing a plaid shirt, crying softly into a microphone.

Avery Barkley played by Jonathan Jackson

About: He's the asshole with the long hair. He's into HIMSELF and HIS OWN music. He broke up with his girlfriend to sleep with a woman who would further his career. (I mentioned before he was an asshole.) Also, you may recognize him as the guy with one earring that Topanga kissed in the art museum on Boy Meets World and also as Lucky on General Hospital.

How you'll know it's him: He'll have long hair and no friends.

Bucky Dawes played by David Alford

About: He's the balding guy with a goatee. He manages someone. His name is Bucky because this show is called Nashville so why wouldn't his name be Bucky?

How you'll know it's him: It will be hard. You'll never be sure.

Glenn Goodman played by Ed Amatrudo

About: He's the other guy with the goatee, but he has hair on top of his head too. He also manages someone. (Maybe it's Hayden Panetierre's character? I don't know, it's hard to tell because BOTH MANAGERS HAVE GOATEES.)

How you'll know it's him: See above answer.

Marshall Evans played by Todd Truley

About: Who? Does anyone care about this guy? He owns Rayna's record label or something. Has no beard, is not particularly hot.

How you'll know it's him: Wait...who?

Dominic Wells played by Wyclef Jean


About: He's the head of a record label and buys Avery a car.



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