’90s Heartthrob Andrew Keegan Is A Selfie Nut

This is what happens when you are the most wanted guy in Hollywood from ‘97-‘99.

1. Remember Andrew Keegan?

2. Resident ’90s bad boy

3. And all-around mega hottie….

4. With PHENOMENAL hair.

5. Well he’s on Twitter!

6. But he’s only got 903 followers :(

7. Which is sad because he posts selfies like this one all the time:

8. And this one with a dog:

9. Also this one:

10. This one:

11. This one:

12. This Myspace pic:

13. This one with this dude:

14. This one:

15. This silly one:

16. This one with these guys:

17. This one:

18. This one of him snowboarding:

19. This pic with Luis Guzmán

20. This one:

21. And this selfie with the guys from Foster the People:

22. So there you have it…

All photos from Andrew’s Twitter or Instagram.

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