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5 Reasons Lena Dunham Is Just Like Us

Other than having her own T.V. show and all, her interview on "Chelsea Lately" last night gave 5 reasons why she's just like us.

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Reasons Lena Dunham is just like us:

1. She has trouble walking in heels, so instead does a quick jog type thing:

2. She lives with her parents:

They are great, and I love being around them...their fridge is full of delicious, gluten free like, fake healthy stuff that they've purchased and they are really nice to me.

3. She is scared of ghosts

This ghost was the feeling of a man staring at me while I slept, that was what this ghost was.

4. She and her friends play pranks on eachother:

"My best friend Isabelle has a computer program you can use to send emails from fake email addresses...I wrote back, 'If this is Isabelle, eat yourself, if it's Judd Apatow, thank you so much i'm such a big fan.'

5. She didn't believe Judd Apatow would ever email her:

Okay, if this was the real Judd Apatow, he wouldn't need to write me an email that said 'From Judd Apatow'

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