26 Things Summer Roberts Wore In The First Season Of "The O.C." That Were Soooooo 2003

    Ten years ago on this day The O.C. was born. And the little baby hadn't found it's fashion footing yet.

    1. This yellow Juicy tracksuit:

    2. This other tracksuit:

    3. This striped shirt under a purple shortsleeve sweater with a matching headband:

    4. This floral bikini top with a denim skirt:

    5. This cargo skirt:

    6. This other cargo skirt:

    7. These sunglasses:

    8. This bandana with this halter top:

    9. This yellow tube dress:

    10. This flowy shirt with tight low-rise jeans:

    11. These hoop earrings:

    12. This Juicy terry cloth dress:

    13. This striped skirt:

    14. This collared shirt under a sweater (and those pants with the DOUBLE-HOLED BELT.)

    15. This deep-V striped shirt:

    16. This barrette (and jean jacket):

    17. This updo:

    18. This shirt (what are these called I don't even know??):

    19. This striped scoop neck:

    20. This skirt–beanie combo:

    21. This hair:

    22. This necklace:

    23. This dress:

    24. That sparkly cardigan with shirt underneath:

    25. This lipstick:

    26. And these satin gloves:

    Even though Season 1 Summer was strange and different, she was still Summer.

    All screenshots from here. Thank you for those.