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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Here's what happened.

    1. Chris Evans showed us his nightly dog routine:

    Dodger has a lion that he loves dearly. He brings it to bed every single night. Yesterday, my buddy Josh bought him a new lion for Xmas. It immediately caused competition and uncertainty. Dodger was torn. The big question was who would get the highly coveted bedtime invite? 🎄🦁

    2. Cher was relatable:

    I’m sure I put on 500 lbs In the last 2 days

    3. Seth Rogen highlighted his mom's great movie review:

    Another great film review from my mom.

    4. Tyra Banks waited:

    5. Halsey faced a dilemma:

    wrap presents or keep watching videos of 20 year old tom hardy

    6. Ryan Seacrest made a resolution:

    A New Year's resolution to consider: "Do more things that make you forget to check your phone."

    7. So did Lucy Hale:

    2019 resolution : to put more coffee in the cup than creamer.

    8. Busy Phillips gave Post Malone a compliment:

    9. Shakira showed off her fam:

    Felices fiestas! Happy holidays! Shak

    10. Mark Hoppus had an earworm:

    I’ve had No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” stuck in my head nonstop for no fewer than three weeks. It’s a bop but after this long I’m praying for death’s sweet release. Namaste.

    11. Mindy Kaling and Zoe Kazan shared the love:

    @mindykaling aiiiiiiii mindy i will be ur snack any day ❤️👀🤝

    12. Sarah Hyland spoke her truth:

    I’m at that place where even putting on workout clothes feels like too much of a workout.

    13. Pete Wentz confessed his desire:

    Hope next lifetime I come back as a bread bowl.

    14. Guy Fieri finally grew an avocado:

    AhhhhhhhhhVacado! We planted these avacado trees three years ago and this is the first one!

    15. And Camila Cabello was a first time snow bunny:

    There’s lots of things happening in this video: 1. MY FAM AKA US TROPICAL MIAMI BABIES IN THE SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME AND TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL:: SKIING FOR THE FIRST TIME 2. My rendition of “I believe I can fly/ ski” 3. My sister at the end pushing my dad out of the way

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