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14 Things Every Picky Eater Says At Restaurants

Or a thousand times.

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1. "You guys order first, I'll go last."

Scott Griessel / Getty Images

2. "And is that cooked with it or can I get that taken out?"

Denis Raev / Getty Images

3. "I'll have the salad. Hold everything but the lettuce."

Mediaphotos / Getty Images

4. "Is that spicy?"

Creatista / Getty Images

5. "Hold the pickles please"

Creatista / Getty Images

6. "Can I substitute the olives for extra tomatoes. And no carrots please and the dressing on the side?"

Steve Debenport / Getty Images

7. "Are there onions in this?"

Minerva Studio / Getty Images

8. "Yes I've tried it, and no I won't like it."

Innovatedcaptures / Getty Images

9. "What comes *on* the burger?"

Ridofranz / Getty Images

10. "Uh huhhh, and what exactly is *in* that?"

Senerdesign / Getty Images

11. What kind of dressings do you have? *Waitress lists 17* I'll take the oil and vinegar.

Marina Bartel / Getty Images

12. "I'll just have the pasta"

Seanshot / Getty Images

13. "Oh, everyone wants to share food? Ok well personally, I'm interested in these three things on the menu."

Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

14. "Hi, excuse me, may I have some more bread?"

Slices of white bread in basket
Baiba Opule / Getty Images

Slices of white bread in basket


I know it's hard.
Brian Mcentire / Getty Images

I know it's hard.

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