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    13 Faces Of A Newly Beardless Mandy Patinkin

    Mandy Patinkin has shaved his beard.The beard is gone. I repeat, the BEARD IS GONE.

    1. Beardless confused:

    2. Beardless confused part 2:

    3. Beardless laugh:

    4. Beardless surprised:

    5. Beardless polite smile:

    6. Beardless mock anger:

    7. Beardless semi-shocked:

    8. Beardless angry part 2:

    9. Beardless glee:

    10. Beardless SO MUCH EMOTION:

    11. Beardless smoosh:

    12. Beardless mouth open:

    13. Beardless face looking at the heavens:

    Goodbye you sweet thing, see you in another life or whenever you need to grow it again.

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