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11 Poignant Photos Of Anne Hathaway's Head Bobbing In The Water

For some reason, whenever Anne goes in the ocean, there are pictures of it. They speak to me — to all of us, really.

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1. The serene head bob:

Pichichi / Splash News

Anne is the only woman left on earth. There is no life. It's just her. She swims in the empty ocean to decompress after a long day of walking through overgrown lawns and foraging for food. She hears a sound and looks back, but it's no one, just the wind talking, saying, "Anne, Anne, it's me, the wind, Anne."

4. The rough waters head bob:

Fameflynet Pictures

Anne wants to keep afloat, the seas are angry. She wears long clothes and swims for miles. She will be the first person to swim across the Atlantic, she guarantees you!

6. The blurry dark bob:

Fameflynet Pictures

ANNE NEEDS HELP. The waves are crashing around her and she looks to the shore for salvation. The deep blue is scary and strong. What was that that just grazed her leg? A shark? An eel? Her other foot?

7. The float bob:

Pichichi / Splash News

Anne's ears fill with water, but her face rests above the surface. She is light, like a leaf. She rests on her liquid kingdom, the sea is hers. She ponders, "Do you think they'd ever let ME do Les Miserables on Broadway?"

8. The "wait let's talk about that some more!" bob:

Pichichi / Splash News

Anne wants to engage in conversation. Doesn't she know this is playtime, though? The water is no place for politics and religion.

9. The remembering yesteryear bob:

Fameflynet Pictures

Anne thinks about yesteryear. Yesteryear was a great time, she thinks. Then she swims into the future, into TOMORROWYEAR, and leaves yesteryear behind.

10. The Superman bob:

Fameflynet Pictures

Anne's arms go forth as she propels through the water. Her sunglass goggles protect her eyes from the debris flying around her face. Her speed to is too fast. We beg her to slow down.

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