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Top 10 Hottest Political Paramours

Politicians seemingly cheat more often than the rest of us (save famous athletes). Some top ten lists seek to explain why. Is it abnormally large…egos? Perhaps it’s unbridled narcissism? Are politicians simply wired for a higher degree of risk taking, both in their private as well as public lives? Not sure. Anyway, this is not one of those lists. Source: Top 10 Hottest Political Paramours

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  • 10. Rielle Hunter

  • 9. Ashley Alexandra Dupre

  • 8. Donna Rice

  • 7. Mirthala Salinas

  • 6. Christine Keeler

  • 5. Tai Collins

  • 4. Carla Bruni

  • 3. Mary Pinchot Meyer

  • 2. Alina Kabaeva

  • 1. Noemi Letizia

  • 0. Marilyn Monroe