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10 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails

Whether you've met your other half through online dating, at work or having your eyes lock in a crowded room, there's nothing more heartfelt than a marriage proposal that goes smoothly and romantically. Sadly, there's also nothing more crushingly embarrassing than a proposal that crashes and burns, particularly in public. We list 10 lovers who popped the question when the time and place weren't right - and suffered the dire consequences.

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1. Winning Proposal

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Hosted by the Washington Wizards, this failed proposal even made the news. An amorous basketball fan decided to get his blindfolded girlfriend into the middle of the arena by making her think she had simply won a competition, then surprised her by appearing and popping the question...

2. Crying Shame

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Unless she happens to cry tears of joy, weeping generally isn't the reaction you want from the girl to whom you're proposing. Unfortunately, the poor chump in this video barely gets the first words out before his girlfriend starts blubbing...

3. Rejection Hits Like a Slap in the Face

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Perhaps this sports fan was emboldened by his team's winning streak and proposed to his girlfriend in the heat of the moment. What is certain, though, is that this is no win of any sort...

4. Live TV Proposal

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This hopeful groom made a premature proposal to his girlfriend of several months - on live television. Perhaps predictably, he ended up being rebuffed before an audience of millions...

5. Renegades Rejection

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Another brave guy stepped up to the plate in front of a crowd at this Hudson Valley Renegades baseball game. The guy kept his proposal short and sweet...

6. A Comic Proposal

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Despite it being a comedian that popped the question, this proposal at Washington D.C.'s Riot Act Theater soon took a less-than-funny turn...

7. Booed Soccer Game Proposal

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This wannabe Romeo is another man seriously out of his depth. Not only did he apparently pick the coldest day of the year to try his hand; the speech he read from a piece of paper was so unappreciated that the crowd began booing halfway through...

8. Rockets Rejection

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Producing an engagement ring at a basketball game definitely seems to be a bad idea. Another unfortunate wannabe groom tried to propose to his girlfriend at a 2008 Houston Rockets game, and just to make it doubly humiliating, he chose to do it right in the center circle...

9. Sweet Caroline

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There are many romantic places where a hopeful boyfriend can propose: anywhere in Paris, for instance, a gondola in Venice, or even at home while Barry White croons in the background... Unfortunately, the food court at the local mall isn't one of these locations...

10. UCLA Proposal

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Christmas may be a time for sharing, but sometimes there are feelings that it's best just to bury under a snowdrift. This man found himself on the festive JumboTron with his girlfriend at a UCLA basketball game, and decided the moment was right to pop the question. Turns out it was anything but...

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