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    Ranking The Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies From "Nothing Special" To "Cinematic Genius"

    Our favorite twin child actors starred in so many movies, but it's time to find out which one is the best.

    I grew up in the age of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's stardom.

    So, without further ado, here's the official ranking of Olsen twins movies:

    10. New York Minute

    Roxy saying, "I didn't eat his chips" while Jane holds a hand over the receiver of a phone and says, "She didn't eat your chips

    9. When in Rome

    Mary-Kate and Ashley stand in front of the colosseum as Charli and Leila

    8. Our Lips Are Sealed

    7. Switching Goals

    Mary-Kate and Ashley lying on their stomachs on a soccer field as Emma and Sam

    6. Holiday in the Sun

    Mary-Kate saying, "We have made our bed and now we have to sleep in it" as Madison

    5. The Challenge

    Mary-Kate and Ashley smile at each other as Shane and Elizabeth

    4. Getting There

    Mary-Kate and Ashley standing on a snowy hill wearing beanies and puffy jackets as Kylie and Taylor

    3. Billboard Dad

    Mary-Kate and Ashley opening their mouths wide in surprise as they open a door as Tess and Emily

    2. Passport to Paris

    Mary-Kate and Ashley opening their mouths wide in amazement as Melanie and Allyson

    1. And finally, Winning London

    Mary-Kate and Ashley walking down a cobblestone street as Chloe and Riley
    James saying, "Father these are my...schoolmates. From Eton," then MK and Ashley saying, "Yes, I'm Justin. And I'm Chester," then Lord Browning saying, "From Eton? I must know your parents," and then MK and Ashley saying, "Uh, yes...uh Lord...Voldemort"