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15 Of The Most Bizarre Reviews Left On TripAdvisor

Haters gonna hate.

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"The weather was a big disappointment first off, it was cold, wet, rainy, windy - felt like being back in UK. Then you only get to POKE a dolphin. The whole thing is so restricted. It makes you think, 'I’ve payed a grand for this, and they aren't letting me even give it a proper hug or whatever'. Also, the guy went nuts when my finger was within 30cm of its blowhole."

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"We went in and asked for a chicken burger with no mayo and waited and waited. We then got one but they still put mayo in the burger but realized the mistake so scraped off the mayo with their hand and served it to us."

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"Having had a long drive, I decided to take a shower. I managed to get a trickle out of the hose, not enough to wash my hair. For this I had to get on my knees and place my head under the taps. Having not realised the lock was broken I turned round to find the owner staring at me smiling. I swore at him and he ran out. As I came out he was at the bottom on the stairs. He shouted up saying I was a 'big boy'."

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"We were given the keys to the wrong room and walked into the room to find a naked African gentleman washing his genitals in the sink. When we finally got to our room the carpet smelt of urine and was covered in staines."

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"The female head chef could be heard screaming and shouting in the kitchen and sounded unstable. A female waitress was actually fired in full view of everyone as she had the hiccups and the owners thought she was annoying the customers."

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"The cook at our table was awful and lacked personality. At the end of the boring cooking experience as we were all looking down, he shot shrimp tale across the table hitting three of us in the head and he threw a lobster tale at a three-year-old so hard she cried."

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