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Twitter Showed A Lot Of Love For "10 Things I Hate About You" And We're Totally Here For It

"But can you ever just be whelmed?"

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We all know and love 10 Things I Hate About You – a film that has been shaping the minds of teens for almost two decades (Yes, you read that correctly - nearly 20 years), and continues to do so.

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On Saturday afternoon BuzzFeed writer, Alanna Bennett, tweeted why 10 Things I Hate About You was so damn good and pretty much the perfect movie, and Twitter went wild in agreement.

10 Things I Hate About You had no right to jam as hard as it does. It’s a perfect movie. Practically every scene, every background moment slaps. How did they do that.

Even the writers of the film got involved and it was super heartwarming.

@AlannaBennett @KarenMcCullah1 Thank you ❤️

They reminded us why we love it so much. Firstly, that it still stands the test of time.

It really is still relevant, sadly.

And why it's still so relatable and realistic.

@AlannaBennett Personal theory on why that movie works: because the Julia Stiles character is an actual person who existed in 1999 and the central conceit seems about right (people wouldn’t want to date her and she’s fine with that)

That it's so re-watchable.

@AlannaBennett I’ve been watching this movie for almost 20 years and I find something new about it I love every time. Currently my favorite thing is that Patrick would NOT kiss Kat while she was drunk. Every teenager should see that and talk about why it matters. IT MATTERS SO MUCH!!

And its educational value will always be important.

@AlannaBennett I actually show it when I teach The Taming of the Shrew and it has lead to SO many amazing critical discussions about relationships, consent, and gender. It helps the Ss engage with Shakespeare in a genuine way (I teach 10th grade)

There's also the fact that its quotability factor is seriously high.

I am ALWAYS whelmed.

Then there's the characters and why they're all still amazing.

Plus you have Allison Janney doing what she does best - being perfect.

@AlannaBennett Killer sdtk- also...

And finally, this amazing amazing man.

Ok, now I'm super excited to see what they do for the 20th anniversary next year...