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18 Moments In "America's Next Top Model" That Were Seriously Not Okay

It really wasn't "America's Next Top Best Friend".

OK so let's talk about a tiny show called America's Next Top Model (Or ANTM for short). That tiny show that has had 24 cycles so far and has aired in over 170 countries - yup that one.

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It's added a lot to pop culture since it aired in 2003. From "smizing", to Jade Cole's "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend", to Twiggy being fabulous, and the Tiffany rant (more on that later), it's safe to say that it's been pretty huge.

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Despite the earlier years giving us some serious reality TV gold, there are also a lot of moments that in hindsight are pretty problematic and definitely would not fly today. So, let’s take a look through ANTM history

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1. Kahlen (Cycle 4) had to pose in a casket at the bottom of an eight foot grave, right after receiving news that a friend had died.

In light of the new ANTM, let's remember the time Tyra made Kahlen pose inside an actual grave the same week her best friend died.

She was offered the chance to skip the shoot but was told that if she did, it'd affect her position in the contest, so she went ahead with it.

2. On a similar theme, Jael (Cycle 8) found out her friend had died of an overdose and a week later, she had to pose dead for a photoshoot.


3. Cycle 4 had an entire photoshoot around "different ethnicities".

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One example is a caucasian woman modelling as a black woman. Uh-huh.

4. Then they gave us a "blending" of cultures photoshoot!!!!!!!!

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Not content with the cycle 4 photoshoot, cycle 13 had the models be a ~mix~ of different cultures while in pretty worrying makeup. Think of someone sporting a bindi while wearing a Native American headdress :eyes emoji:

5. They pushed a contestant to their limits because she wasn't ~bubbly~ enough.

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Jenah (cycle 9) delivered amazing photos each week but producers took issue with her personality, telling her each week that she wasn’t fun enough and then sending her home in the finale.

6. Angelea (Cycle 14 and 17) had her title stripped because she was once an escort.

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The finale of cycle 17 had to be re-filmed to just feature two models instead of three and it excluded Angelea, someone who was in the final three before the re-filming. For a long time Angelea was silent about her disqualification until she eventually broke the news that the show removed her because they discovered she had previously worked as an escort.

7. Kayla (Cycle 19) opened up about being abused by a man as a child and was still told to film a ~sexy~ shoot with a male model.

I know I'm way behind on this one, but I'm shockingly not tooo horrified at how Cycle 15 of #ANTM handled Kayla revealing her sexual assault

For the first time in her life, Kayla told someone about what had happened to her as a child. She expressed how she really didn't want to be intimate with the male model but instead of telling her to not do it, she was told she should tackle her problems by facing them head-on.

8. Tyra once pretended to faint and everyone was terrified and scared as hell.

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Yes, let's scare the shit out of these innocent women, especially when a contestant actually did faint in cycle 4 and had to go to hospital.

9. Shandi (Cycle 2) told her boyfriend she'd cheated on him with an Italian model and we witnessed the moment she called him.

Shandi from ANTM cycle 2 deserved better

Did we really need to witness the moment she broke down?!’

10. Janice Dickinson told a contestant to "Zip it bitch. Zip it. You're dead in my book!".

UPN / Via

11. The Tiffany (Cycle 4) rant.

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It's possibly one of the most famous reality TV moments of all time. Everyone knows it, everyone's parodied it, and it's spawned a million memes. But did Tiffany deserve any of what she got? No, not at all.

12. The time Danielle (Cycle 6) left hospital to participate in a photoshoot.

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Danielle fell ill with exhaustion, dehydration, and food poisoning while the models were in Thailand. She was rushed to hospital but checked herself out early to go to a shoot and pose on an elephant.

13. Cycle 7's swimming pool photoshoot which caused hypothermia for one model.

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The final four had to pose in a freezing pool for a photoshoot. Caridee had to finish the shoot early as she got hypothermia. The judges later criticised her for not speaking up and pretty much blamed her for getting sick, and that she probably wasn't strong enough to be a top model. She did end up winning though, so...

14. Jaeda (Cycle 7) had to film with a male model who said he "didn't like black women".

The CW / Via

She then had to kiss him in a shoot for a commercial.

15. The show made Keenyah pose as an elephant after she'd expressed her worries about her weight gain.

Y'all remember Keenyah from season 4 of #ANTM? Remember when she started gaining weight, & they started shading her by making all her photoshoots "fat"-themed?

After Keenyah (cycle 4) openly said she was struggling with insecurities after gaining weight, producers responded by assigning her an elephant in their next photoshoot.

16. Keenyah also had to deal with a male model grunting in her ear and touching her inappropriately during a photoshoot.

ok and in cycle 4, when the male model is literally moaning into and groping at keenyah in the photo shoot, and shes looked DOWN ON for being uncomfortable, and asking to take a break.... and then they make her go out to dinner with him! the drama is not worth that shit...

17. The numerous times a model had her hair cut short and then was eliminated pretty soon afterwards.

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It seems pretty superficial but it was kinda sad to see how many models were affected by it.

18. And finally, Michelle (Cycle 4) had impetigo but her competitors thought she had a flesh eating virus instead and the producers did not intervene.

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Michelle became isolated because one model made up a rumour and people were damn harsh.