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    You Probably Didn't Notice This One Thing About "Too Many Cooks"

    Prepare to have your childhood ruined. Or at least, the last five days mildly altered.

    So, over the last week this 11-minute video from Adult Swim has blown up the internet.

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    If you haven't watched it yet, go ahead and do that now.

    But the year it took in post-production allowed for the inclusion of some brilliant easter eggs, most of which you probably noticed.

    For example, the killer lurking in the background of this shot.

    This scene also sees the killer lurking in the background before his actual introduction.

    Or, in this scene, the disease is described as "intro-nitis." He's literally sick of the intro, which isn't surprising since he was also the very first character introduced.

    Plus, the rapidly scrolling credits reveal every character is actually called Cook...

    Unless they're named after thinly disguised puns on cooking, like Simmer, Bake, or, errr... Shazznarlk.

    But most subtle? Almost definitely this appearance of the killer in an oil painting.

    Still, needed more Smarf.

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