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    Posted on Nov 2, 2015

    The 23 Most Important Things That Have Ever Happened On YikYak

    People share some interesting things when they're anonymous.

    1. This perfect literary link.

    2. This truth that's way, way too true.

    3. This all-too-inevitable tragedy.

    4. This fire.

    5. This deep, dark, sock-based reality.

    6. This facepalm.

    7. This misery.

    8. This very accurate response.

    9. This assault on the patriarchy.

    10. And this one.

    11. This prank that seems to be going well.

    12. This awkwardness.

    13. This ultra-confusing reference for the olds.

    14. This slow journey to atheism.

    15. This unappealing nightmare.

    16. This failed attempt.

    17. This perfect truth.

    18. This comeback.

    19. This fanfiction that is almost definitely true.

    20. This insight.

    21. This actually pretty legitimate thing to do.

    22. This depressing reality.

    23. And this all-time great laziness hack.

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