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25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To London

London calling to the faraway towns — it's really expensive and crowded here.

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1. "Commute"

Used to mean: A journey to work, often driving through quiet roads, or maybe a quick walk through town.

Now means: A vicious crusade through an urban hellscape, with detours into subterranean metal canisters stuffed with people and sweat.

3. "Pop-up"


Used to mean: A book with lovely 3-D pictures.

Now means: A restaurant that is too weird to actually work, so instead is temporarily set up in the local hipster hangout until the novelty value wears off. Often actually an ad.


5. "Dinner"

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Used to mean: The meal you carefully prepared in the evening.

Now means: Either what you spend too much on after a quick drink late at night, or something jammed together from random foods in the fridge because you can't be bothered to shop.

6. "Silence"


Used to mean: No noise.

Now means: The sound-sucking vacuum that exists on the tube every morning, despite the presence of hundreds of people. There is nothing quieter. Monks visit it when they need a break from the racket at the monastery.


12. "Rent"

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Used to mean: The part of your wages that goes on having somewhere nice to live.

Now means: The part of your wages that goes on having absolutely anywhere to live, and leaves roughly enough for you to survive on stale bread for a month.

14. "Uber"

Used to mean: A german prefix you could use to add emphasis to a word (though while sounding like a bit of a dick).

Now means: A glorious way to get home drunk, which may or may not also be destroying the London taxi industry.


16. "Oyster"

Used to mean: Slightly slimy seafood that's definitely not an aphrodisiac.

Now means: Magic plastic that will take you absolutely anywhere you ever want to go (up to Zone 9.) Kind of an aphrodisiac.

18. "Bank"

Used to mean: The place where you leave your money, and which fills you with dread when you go into it.

Now means: The nexus of every single tube in the city, and which fills you with dread when you're trying to find the right fucking exit.