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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You're Drunk

I don't know where I am.

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2. "Directions"

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Sober meaning: What you follow to get where you need to be.

Drunk meaning: What you basically ignore while stumbling around and then just going somewhere else because it was nearer and had pretty lights.


6. "Stairs"

Sober meaning: What you climb.

Drunk meaning: What you climb, before giving up halfway and sitting down and complaining.


8. "Passcode"

Sober meaning: A useful feature to ensure your phone's security.

Drunk meaning: A useless technology to ensure you can never use your phone ever again because the thing won't let you in and it's not fair.

10. "Best friend"


Sober meaning: Your friend of many years.

Drunk meaning: That person you just met at the bar who TOTALLY GETS how that one song is actually the best song ever, even if you can't quite remember the name of it right this second.

11. "Cat"

Sober meaning: Your pet.

Drunk meaning: Your therapist.


14. "Karaoke"

Sober meaning: A bit awkward.

Drunk meaning: A chance to prove to everyone that the world is wrong and you ARE A STAR, no matter what anyone says.


20. "Tequila"

Sober meaning: An alcoholic drink made from Agave, that YOU ARE NEVER DRINKING AGAIN.

Drunk meaning: What you are drinking right now.