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    17 Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning When You're A Dog

    BuzzFeed UK has an office dog, Phineas, so we asked him to help come up with this handy guide.

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    1. "Sofa"

    2. "Cat"

    For humans means: An alternative animal to keep as a pet.

    For dogs means: The enemy. I mean, I'll be friends if I have to be...but whyyyy?

    3. "Friends"

    4. "Supermarket"

    For humans means: Where you go to do shopping.

    For dogs means: Where the human disappears to. Seriously, I forget what they look like and it's rubbish.

    5. "Walk"

    6. "Tail"

    For humans means: An appendage that many animals have.

    For dogs means: That bastard I can never catch. Even if I change direction.

    7. "Chair"

    8. "Bin"


    For humans means: Where you put your rubbish.

    For dogs means: A delicious buffet of smells that for some reason I'm not allowed to eat from.

    9. "Thunderstorm"

    10. "Bath"

    For humans means: A lovely relaxing soak.

    For dogs means: The worst thing ever. But the human probably means well, right? They must do.

    11. "Hat"

    12. "Fetch"

    For humans means: A game.

    For dogs means: The word a human shouts when they lose something they really, really want, and I have to be the hero and go get it back.

    13. "Lunch"

    14. "Ball"

    For humans means: Round thing used to play games.

    For dogs means: BALL? WHERE IS THE BALL?

    15. "Work"

    16. "Toilet paper"

    For humans means: Mundane necessity.

    For dogs means: Fancy-dress possibilities.

    17. "Nap"

    With thanks to Phineas (Instagram here), and his human, Nicole.

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