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29 Cool Photos Of Things You'd Never Expect To See

Can you make it through this post without saying "huh, interesting"? From r/mildlyinteresting.

1. A Cornetto without the cone.

2. An actual explainer of how ingredients work on the product.

3. A lightning strike on a flag in a golf course.

4. A die inside another die.

5. An incredibly eroded cinderblock that came out of the sea.

6. A rainbow that's only visible because of the polarisation filter in sunglasses.

7. A library where you can check cake pans out.

8. An M&M that's actually nothing but shell.

9. And a really, really long one.

10. The inside of a wasp's nest hanging off a window.

11. A Coke Zero can that couldn't have been crushed any better.

12. A tray that you can't see as soon as it hits water.

13. A brick that somehow also contains a toy car.

14. The floor of a barbershop, perfectly worn away over years of work.

15. A lollipop that's been eaten by ants.

16. A perfectly matched tattoo.

17. The hidden interior of a cue ball.

18. An onion with the rings looped up.

19. A shadow of a Coke can etched on a Pepsi can.

20. A bit of the wrong dough in a loaf of bread.

21. The measuring tape used to make a snap bracelet.

22. A transparent cork.

23. A brick road under another road.

24. A perfectly divided ice cube.

25. A bottle that didn't get made right and now looks even cooler.

26. A frozen pizza, divided.

27. Kit Kat wafers the wrong way round.

28. Alcohol so strong ice will actually sink.

29. A banana, perfectly split in half...lengthways.