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    23 Videos That Get So Much Better When You Turn The Sound On

    *clicks to unmute*

    1. This perfect interstitial.

    2. This siren song.

    3. This horror.

    4. This triumph.

    5. This sassiness.

    6. This oddness.

    7. This birthday card.

    8. This intense accuracy.

    9. This crucial interview.

    10. This important llama.

    11. This ode.

    12. These excited pandas.

    13. This... thing.

    14. This excellent lesson.

    15. This sleepy pug.

    16. This sweet music.

    17. This dog.

    18. This truth.

    19. This child.

    20. This troubling problem.

    21. This busy day.

    22. This analysis.

    23. And finally, this crucial proof that Beyoncé is always on beat.

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