19 Types Of British Weather, Ranked

It’s not all rain. There are clouds as well as rain.

19. Sunny.

Poorly ranked, since it’s likely fictional.

18. Grey.

A fairly consistent grey. A bit chilly, maybe with some wind.

17. Grey (mildly threatening).

No clear clouds, but a couple of dodgy ones that look like they might ruin your day.

16. Grey (car park).

Flickr: twon / Via Creative Commons

The most depressing grey.

15. Snow.


Pretty annoying for people living in the North. The goddamn Apocalypse if you live in the South.

14. Grey (heavy clouds)

Flickr: ockam / Via Creative Commons

Almost an arty grey. If you look at it upside down, it kind of looks like the sea, and you’re floating really high in the air.

13. Drizzle (heavy).

Flickr: ishanmanjrekar / Via Creative Commons

Will still get you fairly wet, very quickly.

12. Grey (rain coming).

Flickr: mrpbps / Via Creative Commons

It’s just a matter of time until it’s raining.

11. Drizzle (light).

Flickr: sidibousaid / Via Creative Commons

Often comes with a side of fog.

10. Grey (solid).

Really thick grey, but has interesting clouds as well.

9. Drizzle (Scottish).

Flickr: paulspace / Via Creative Commons

Also known as Scotch Mist. Cake can still be eaten in this weather.

8. Grey (decent clouds).

Flickr: rosstucknott / Via Creative Commons

Really good grey. Lost of clouds, which make it actually quite interesting. There will definitely not be any sun though.


The day when there’s just nothing. It’s not bad, it’s not good, there’s not even clouds. It’s like someone forgot to load the weather.

6. Grey (some clouds).

Flickr: fifikins / Via Creative Commons

Adequate grey.

5. Grey (morning).

Looking like the sun might come out briefly, at some point during the day, so not all bad.

4. Rain.

Typically, rains on about 30% of all days in Britain. Which is nice.

3. Sort of sunny.

Flickr: powellizer / Via Creative Commons

The most common sort of sun. Everyone goes to the park, and pretends it’s not a little bit too chilly to be outside, then gives up and goes to the pub when the sun goes behind a bank of clouds.

2. The bit where it stops raining for a few hours.

Flickr: namestartswithj89 / Via Creative Commons

You can run to the shops to get milk.

1. Clear skies.

The best day in the English calendar.

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