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    31 Tumblr Posts That Will Straight Up Fuck You Up

    What is it with this damn website?

    1. All of these questions.

    2. This ridiculous thought.

    3. The crayons might be turning against us.

    4. This is the weirdest.

    5. This is a bunch of atoms looking at other atoms trying to understand why another bunch of atoms are trying to understand themselves.

    6. You can never watch a movie again.

    7. It's not OK.

    8. The fact that Shakespeare came up with the first ever "your mom" joke.

    9. This rudeness.

    10. It's hard to understand how English ever became a remotely successful language.

    11. Fuck, man, caterpillars.

    12. Oh. Of course.

    13. Well, this ruins everything.

    14. Reading this out loud is not advised.

    15. What if all barcode tattoos are this?

    16. Everyone is confused.

    17. This is pretty real.

    18. How did we not think of this before?

    19. How did we think before?

    20. How did any languages ever work?

    21. They're all nightmarish.

    22. Where the hell this came from.

    23. It's best not to think too hard about this.

    24. Toy Story will never be the same again.

    25. This should never have been allowed to happen.

    26. This is pretty damn true.

    27. Kind of need an answer on this.

    28. Goddamnit.

    29. Everyone has basically made this mistake.

    30. This is just so disturbing.

    31. This is worrying as hell.

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