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23 Tweets That You Won't Be Able To Stop Laughing At

Make Twitter great again.

1. This realisation.

2. This thing that's way too relatable.

3. This defense.

4. This struggle.

5. This incredible pet.

6. The greatest face-swap of all time.

7. This costume.

8. The excitement here.

9. This problem.

10. A genuinely worrying survey.

11. This support.

12. This really unfair response.

13. This phone that will never be clean again.

14. This tragic moment.

15. A school project that just went slightly wrong.

16. This hack that honestly, seems to really work.

17. This threat.

18. This issue that is actually pretty understandable.

19. This truth.

20. This perfect example of being young.

21. This technical problem.

22. The best way to use Tinder.

23. And this dog who is just all of us.