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17 Problems That Everyone With Commitment Issues Will Relate To

Because the long term is for suckers.

1. The first date with someone might be OK, but afterwards you actually have to plan to see them again, which is when the stress starts.

2. Then suddenly you've had a few dates, and you start wondering whether they think that you're technically "dating".

3. A friend will ask you something along the lines of "So what's happening with you and [X]", and you'll immediately break out in a cold sweat.

4. Very minor things that shouldn't bother anyone will start to cause you unimaginable amounts of panic.

5. When the probably-not-really-a-relationship ends, you're briefly sad, but mainly relieved.

6. "Friends with benefits" sounds like it might the perfect relationship for you.

7. But then you realise you still have to put a label on it and that seems like way too much pressure.

8. You live in fear of one day having to have a "deep and meaningful" conversation, because you know you couldn't handle it.

9. Even though you don't know why you hate committing to anything, you know you shouldn't be someone people actually rely on.

10. Any long-term arrangement is pretty stressful, even if it's something completely non-relationship based.

11. You might be finding somewhere to live, but a year just seems like such a long time.

12. You don't ever want to plan further ahead than a few weeks.

13. People in long-term relationships confuse you massively.

14. Especially if they tell you about how they got together in their teens, and are somehow still doing their thing a decade later.

15. You're pretty convinced that marriage is a fiction that no one actually does, because how do people do that.

16. Then they decide to have a baby, which means they're committing to an entire mini-human as well.

17. Mainly, though, you're just doing your thing, because it'll probably work out eventually.