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    The 23 Most Important Moments In Tinder History

    The defining technology of our time.

    1. When someone matched with goddamn Left Shark.

    2. This well-thought through profile.

    3. And this one.

    4. This spendthrift.

    5. This high-risk proposition.

    6. When someone nailed this line.

    7. This reasonable conversation.

    8. This fake-out.

    9. This person getting caught out by the best joke in the world.

    10. This perfectly understandable bio.

    11. This focus.

    12. This proof that commas are important.

    13. This incredibly cunning plan.

    14. This excellent pun.

    15. These important priorities.

    16. This guy, proving that bad boys don't always win.

    17. This profile.

    18. This unbelievably dirty fantasy.

    19. Nate, and his wide range of interests.

    20. This excellent recovery.

    21. This portrait.

    22. This message that's clearly from Mario in disguise.

    23. And finally, this persistence.

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