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34 Photos That Prove We're All Actually Living In A Video Game

Wouldn't it explain everything, anyway?

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1. Look, anyone who's ever played a video game knows that right behind this wall is something you can use. It might be a health pack, it might be weapon, but this just proves the world around us is a video game.

2. Same for this door! This is clearly an opportunity to get through to the bonus level.

3. This slightly discoloured wall can be blown up to get through to the next area. Assuming you didn't use those explosives trying to explode another discoloured wall that it turns out was just in shadow.

4. I mean, come on. This isn't even well hidden, so it must be a secret entrance.

5. It's not just hidden doors – look at this utterly inaccessible ledge. Very clearly, wedged in those corners is some sort of collectible trophy, you just have to figure out how to get there.

6. This chest, once you get there after a bit of jumping, has a weapon upgrade, some pretty rare ammo, a map, and some coins that you'll carry around for ages assuming you'll need them eventually. You won't. They're just decoration.

7. There's a key over there, on that table. But you'll miss it, and only realise in 20 minutes and have to backtrack. Possibly after wandering around for what seems like forever and googling it.

8. Just like in all games, eventually you reach the limits, and something that clearly should continue onwards like a fucking train track doesn't, because of some clearly arbitrary barriers, and you have to stop and find a different way.

9. Like this door. This door is clearly part of a video game, and you cannot go in that room at all, because of the serious, unbreakable barrier in front of it.

10. On the other hand, this ladder is in apparently the middle of nowhere, so it is clearly the way out.

11. Same goes for this ramp. If you go over it and stick the landing, you're sure to get bonus points.

12. Why else would there ever, ever be a ramp so perfectly set up like this, if you weren't supposed to go over it at high speed.

13. The perfect arrangement of this ramp for your car to drive up and take off before landing safely, definitively proves that our world is actually a video game.

14. And in this video game world we find ourselves in, cats are pretty important, because they have all the side quests.

15. This cat definitely has one.

16. And this cat clearly also has one – probably a really important one, tbh.

17. Alternatively, the light might just be highlighting an important item you need for your quest, like this bag. Which will contain another map, and possibly some sort of coloured feather that makes you slightly more impervious to damage.

18. Other items aren't highlighted, but you should probably pick up this spade as well. It's going to be important later.

19. Maybe it's supposed to be used to dig your way through this wall that's clearly blocking your way to the next level.

20. This barrel will clearly explode if you throw something at it. Or just punch it or something.

21. This barrel, on the other hand, is also explosive but is in a car. Clearly intended to be a quick way to take that car out.

22. All these bright red propane barrels mean that this is almost definitely a location for a final battle.

23. If you see a first aid kit, whatever is around that corner is going to be dramatic.

24. It's about now you'll come upon this, so yes, it's time for the boss battle. Let's be honest, the only reason this could possibly exist in the real world is a boss battle.

Be especially wary if the music you're listening to suddenly gets much louder.

Be especially wary if the music you're listening to suddenly gets much louder.

25. Not convinced? Let's look at the glitches then. Here, someone has clearly turned the graphic up to full, but decided to leave the shadows on the lowest setting.

26. The graphics card has just failed to load any textures here.

27. The trees don't even load above a certain point!

28. Just look at this castle. Either something's gone wrong, or this is a very specific level with challenges that mainly involve not falling off.

29. The game we live in keeps using the same models for people, right on the same street!

30. They made about 150 different models for people, and they just get used over and over again.

31. What about this fire, that's clearly being restrained by an invisible wall, so you can stand next to it, you just can't cross it?

32. This guy is using all his special moves to try to break out past the invisible walls, but it's not happening. The video game is just keeping him locked in.

33. And this car is just clipping through the road. This is all clearly a video game.

34. It's all clearly a video game, so you should probably just shoot this wall a few times and walk through to the next level.