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    16 Signs You're From A Forgotten County

    There are other counties besides Cornwall, Yorkshire, and Essex, but no one can remember what they are.

    1. When you tell people where you're from, they never know where it actually is.

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    They look at you like you might be making it up.

    2. As a result, you've developed a shorthand to explain the exact location.

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    "So it's like, halfway between here and Cornwall? Yeah, sort of near there. Close enough."

    3. Most people have only ever travelled through it at high speed on a dual carriageway.

    4. Basically, if someone isn't from a neighbouring county, you know they're going to have no idea what you're talking about.


    5. There might be a flag of the county, but you probably couldn't recognise it if there was.

    That's Derbyshire, by the way, for anyone who's not from Derbyshire. And probably most people who are.

    6. You don't even get cool, unique foods, like Yorkshire puddings or Cornish pasties.

    You have to make do with something really minor, like a sauce or a mildly altered meat.

    7. When you lived somewhere else for the first time, you suddenly discovered that your "iconic" locations were actually completely unknown.


    You mean you don't know this small pile of rocks? But everyone said it was famous!

    8. And even the ones that are well known are assumed to be somewhere else.

    9. Though sometimes you're not sure which county they actually are in.

    10. People have a habit of adding and removing the word "shire" erroneously.

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    It used to be Devonshire. It's never been Dorsetshire. And Lincoln is the city, not the county.

    11. If you meet someone else from there, you're immediately curious as to exactly where in the county they're from.

    12. No one really knows what towns are in your county.

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    13. You don't get to have an iconic celebrity.


    Famous people come from your county, but they don't get associated with it. They're just people. From a place that everyone forgets.

    14. No one can even insult you with lazy stereotypes because THERE AREN'T ANY.

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    They just have to resort to normal, non-offensive tropes. How annoying.

    15. Though it does mean that people are always pleasantly surprised by how nice it is when they actually see it.

    16. BuzzFeed has never posted about your county.

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