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16 Signs You're From A Forgotten County

There are other counties besides Cornwall, Yorkshire, and Essex, but no one can remember what they are.

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3. Most people have only ever travelled through it at high speed on a dual carriageway.


7. When you lived somewhere else for the first time, you suddenly discovered that your "iconic" locations were actually completely unknown.


You mean you don't know this small pile of rocks? But everyone said it was famous!

8. And even the ones that are well known are assumed to be somewhere else.

The Hovis hill isn't in Yorkshire. It's actually in Dorset.


9. Though sometimes you're not sure which county they actually are in.

This tower is in Somerset, but the entrance to the grounds is in Wiltshire. So whose is it?


15. Though it does mean that people are always pleasantly surprised by how nice it is when they actually see it.