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    22 Struggles Every Sarcastic Person Has Experienced

    Oh, yeah, that's amazing. No, really, I mean it.

    1. Because you surround yourself with similarly sarcastic people, strangers become very confused when they try to join your conversation.

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    "Why are you all constantly insulting each other?"

    2. You've considered having codewords with your friends for when you need to say an actual thing that's not sarcastic.

    3. Whenever you try to compliment someone, it inadvertently comes off as though you hate them.


    4. Then you have to try to explain how you weren't being sarcastic, but you can't, because you still sound sarcastic.

    5. And eventually you just get trapped in a loop of sarcasm and confusion.

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    6. The only thing worse than giving a compliment to someone else is being given one yourself.

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    Because you can NOT handle it.

    7. IM-ing is a nightmare, because you both just end up being incredibly confused about what's happening.

    "Oh, you actually agreed? I thought you were being sarcastic as well..."

    8. You've often been accused of having a bad attitude at work.

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    Just because you complain loudly about something while doing it. So unfair.

    9. Expressing interest in a topic is basically impossible.

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    "Fascinating!" "Fine, we'll talk about something else, then." "No, I..."

    10. You haven't really figured out a way to show enthusiasm for anything.

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    11. You're not very emotionally available, because your response to feelings is sarcasm.

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    12. You're very, very used to having to say, "Sorry, I was joking."

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    13. It's important to apologise in case people think you actually hold the terrible opinions you expressed sarcastically.

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    14. Apologising leads to receiving side-eye in return because it's never actually clear that you mean it.

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    15. Giving advice is a struggle because it never comes across as genuine advice.

    16. So you wonder whether you should just give really bad advice, sarcastically, and hope they do the opposite.

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    Probably wouldn't work, really...

    17. Whenever someone makes a negative comment about sarcasm, you can't resist responding with a sarcastic comment.

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    Even though it's so easy.

    18. All of which means you're beginning to realise that you're no longer sure whether you're being sarcastic or not.

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    19. You just don't get people who aren't sarcastic. / Via

    How can you mean what you say all the time? How does that work?

    20. So people who are sincere truly confuse you.

    21. But when you meet someone else who's also incredibly sarcastic, you bond very quickly.

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    22. And in the end, you don't care about what other people say, since you're always the funniest person in the room.

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