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    28 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning For People Who Work Shifts

    Shift work will change how you look at the world.

    1. "Friends"

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    Should mean: People you hang out with because you like them.

    Now means: People you hang out with because they happen to be free at the same time as you.

    2. "Significant other"


    Should mean: The person you share your life with.

    Now means: The person who is also in your house but you never actually see.

    3. "Splits"

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    Should mean: Dividing something in half.

    Now means: When your boss hates you, this is what they make you do.

    4. "Bags"

    Should mean: Devices for carrying things in.

    Now means: Permanent decorations under your eyes.

    5. "Morning"


    Should mean: When you get up and go to work.

    Now means: When you sleep.

    6. "Lunchtime"


    Should mean: About 1pm.

    Now means: 3.30pm, maybe, when you finally have a chance to get something. Or possibly at 9am. Depends on the day.

    7. "Night"

    8. "Weekend"

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    Should mean: Time off.

    Now means: Time you spend working.

    9. "Party"

    BBC / Via

    Should mean: Enjoyable social gathering where you see your friends.

    Now means: Something you never actually make it to. Because work.

    10. "Snack"

    FOX / Via

    Should mean: Something to eat occasionally when hungry.

    Now means: Your main food group.

    11. "Working week"

    GEICO / Via

    Should mean: Five days of work.

    Now means: Six days of work. At least.

    12. "Day off"

    NBC / Via

    Should mean: What you get when you don't work.

    Now means: What you almost definitely don't get.

    13. "Routine"

    Cartoon Network / Via

    Should mean: The rhythm of work and relaxation that ensures you live a healthy life.

    Now means: LOL, no.

    14. "After-work drink"

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    Should mean: What is socially acceptable at 6pm.

    Now means: What you are heavily judged for at 6am. Not that you care.

    15. "Daylight Saving"

    Should mean: An extra of sleep.

    Now means: On the night shift, an extra hour of work.

    16. "Local"

    17. "Cover"


    Should mean: Something that lies on, or over, something else.

    Now means: Something no one will ever do for you when you really need it.

    18. "Social networking"

    Should mean: Occasional distraction.

    Now means: Stream of the fun everyone else is having while you're at work.

    19. "Schedule"

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    Should mean: Reliable work structure to base your life on.

    Now means: Ongoing chaos that will haunt your dreams and break your very soul.

    20. "Family gathering" / Via

    Should mean: What you go to in order to reconnect with your family.

    Now means: What you hear about afterwards. Because work.

    21. "Committing"

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    Should mean: Agreeing to something in advance.

    Now means: Something you'll do before realising your shifts just aren't going to work out.

    22. "Tired"

    Legendary Pictures / Via

    Should mean: When you haven't had enough sleep.

    Now means: Perpetual state of being.

    23. "Bank holiday"

    TBS / Via

    Should mean: Extra day off!

    Now means: HAH. No. Back to work.

    24. "Tuesday"

    FOX / Via

    Should mean: Tuesday.

    Now means: Start of the weekend!

    25. "Saturday"

    E! / Via

    Should mean: Saturday.

    Now means: Tuesday, probably.

    26. "Sunday"


    Should mean: Sunday.

    Now means: Monday, maybe, but who the fuck knows?

    27. "Thursday"


    Should mean: Thursday.

    Now means: The ancient Greek day hêméra Aphrodítês. SERIOUSLY, no idea at this point.

    28. "Long week"

    StudioCanal / Via

    Should mean: You've worked more than 40 hours this week.

    Now means: You've been working for 13 days straight now.

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