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    I Can't Stop Thinking About This Absurdly Hipster Sink

    This takes hipster restaurants to a whole new level.

    In 2016, we know that all of our favourite places are using a critical mass of what might be referred to as "hipster shit". Some of it is even nice, like these lights.

    But it's also possible that we've gone too far, because we are at the point where there are multiple ways to eat spaghetti bolognese wrong.

    And that's still nothing compared to some of the travesties allowed to happen, like this flowerpot, artfully spilled across a wooden board that you can just tell is soaking up all the dressing. Dressing that someone probably worked hard on, at some point.

    Then there are masterpieces of hipsterification, like this Dyson Airblade, cunningly aged to look as though this 2006 invention came from a century ago. It's the bathroom appliance equivalent of those people who self-consciously wear flashy historical clothing in place of a personality.

    However, after all that, here is something so gloriously hipster, so magnificent in its absurdity that it throws all that came before it into shade. This is the original, the ur-hipster-restaurant-thing, the alpha and the omega of hipster-restaurant-things.

    Are you ready?

    Here it is. This is an oven made into a sink, and combined with a bin.

    Really drink it in.

    Why would anyone turn an oven into a sink?

    It doesn't seem to really adhere to any of the rules of 2016 hipster design. It recalls 2009, not 1909. There's no nostalgic value involved in the sourcing of this very, very normal oven, and it wouldn't break the mystique of the bar to have a normal sink, for it is in a fairly normal bar. No compelling aesthetic atmosphere is being built in the bathroom either, since the only ambience this suggests is of a fairly economically constructed kitchen. So why would anyone turn an oven into a sink?

    Some thoughts – this tap is brand-new.

    Then there's the actual sink itself, which is a iron pot with a hole drilled in the base of it. At least, I assume it was a drill with one of those holesaw bits on, but based on this place, it could also have been a hammer, or a blowtorch, or a branch from a boabab tree repeatedly rammed into it.

    And yet it starts making even less sense, because the hand-drying towel bin is also on the oven, but this is recessed into the top of the why not drop the sink down as well? Why not have the sink recessed like the bin is? Or, even crazier, putting the sink where the bin is at the front so you can actually reach it?

    Oh, and the soap on the hob. There's nothing really wrong with it, it just looks daft.